We as humans are required to act in a certain way. Always stay decent and in decorum things are pretty difficult and this difficulty has been generated by our society. There should certainly be some rules which one should follow in order to prevail in the society but, the society must not bound a human to something which is abnormal. Sex is something which we all need YES! Fellows it’s a need a basic need which can create nuisance in life if not fulfilled properly and on time. There are some cultures which are pretty open about this and some are very conservative in this regard, there is no harm is being open or conservative about this but, if conservatism is generating an animal inside human then it is something to be taken care of.

Newcastle is a place which is known for civilization and moderation, but there was a time when a gang emerged and that gang was known as “Newcastle sex abuse ring” this was a gang which was consisted of 17 men and a women who used to rape girls and young women, they used to drug them and dipped them in alcohol and then raped them till death, here we are referring the time from 2010-2014 according to the study victims were from age 13 to 30. Information is available easily on the internet, problem is there are certain limits which we have set on few things, but there are some cultures which has restrained sex as a sin, as a crime. There are some religions which are pretty liberal about this sex issue and some are pretty rigid (even in that rigidness they have given some clear dos and don’ts ) but then comes the so called cultural boundaries, which are ready to promote society to commit this heinous crime. Read this article to find out more details.

Definitely sex in Kotara cannot be eliminated from a human’s body; it can be controlled or can be fed. There are cultures which have allowed sex after marriage only (there is no harm in having sex with your wife). There are some cultures which have allowed consensual sex (which means if both parties are ready they can have sex, there is no crime). But then comes some stupid cultural boundaries which doesn’t even allow sexual education (which means they are not educating their adults about this need, dos and don’ts) they are hesitant to talk about this and they are still hesitant to share the reality and to share the fact that sex is not something wild and something which they show in porn ( this is something which one has to fulfill in a legitimate way). Newcastle or any other city or country sexual crimes are increasing day by day, we all have to alarm our young ones regarding how to save themselves from this issue because, nobody can stop this bad mindset of some sick people who just randomly rape girls and boys for their pleasure. But we can educate our children as in how to stay cautious.

Newcastle, Sex And Education

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